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Aqua fugitive An aqua fugitive provides a visual alert to fraudulent conversion by smudging or completely dissolving if water or water-based chemicals are applied.

Computer stationery is paper with sprocket holes on both sides, as it is suitable to run on a computer printer like dot matrix or a line printer. Computer Forms with offset printing prior to usage are called pre-printed Computer stationery. This has a component of standard pre-printed matter and some variable data that is filled in and printed as required.

Carbonless paper/ Carbonless Forms/ NCR (No Carbon Required) is the widely used alternative to carbon paper. It is used to make a copy of an original and can be used for impressions using a line printer or a dot matrix printer. The working of carbonless form is quite simple. It normally contains three sheets with a special material (micro-encapsulated dye) coated on the back of top and middle sheets. Fronts of middle and bottom sheets are coated with a special kind of reactive clay. When someone writes on the front of the top sheet, combination of microencapsulated dye and clay copies the exact image of the writing. Some self-contained versions of Carbonless forms have clay n dye on the front of same paper.

Invisible UV feature This ink fluoresces under UV light to draw attention to attempts at fraudulent alteration.

MICR is an acronym for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition.  This technology uses magnetically chargeable ink or toner to print the numbers and special characters on the bottom of checks or other financial transaction documents.  The numbers usually include the account number from which the money will be drawn, the identification number and the routing and transit of the check for the bank where the account resides.  MICR technology is used in the banking industry in many countries because it allows for fast and reliable document processing.

Microprint Microscopic text is a security printing feature that involves  micrcoscopic printing in the form of a line or design that is invisible to the naked eye.  However, the concealed text can be seen under a magnifying glass. This security feature cannot be transferred in a photocopied document.

Pin Mailer is a specially constructed set of computer forms, which is sealed on all four sides in a tamper-proof manner so that sensitive financial data can be sent by courier to the recipient without compromise.

Variable Data printing is a form of digital printing in which text and graphic images may be changed from one printed sheet to the next. This is a unique marketing tool, which offers a high degree of customization of messages.

Void Pantograph is a security printing feature which incorporates a hidden image into the background design. When an attempt to photocopy or scanning is made, the hidden feature such as the words “VOID” or “COPY” will show up on the copied or the scanned document.

Watermark Paper Paper with watermark is a security printing feature that involves inclusion of unique feature or image into the paper at the time of paper manufacturing. This image is almost invisible to the naked eye and cannot be re-produced by normal photocopy process.

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