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Security Printing

Security Printing

Utility Forms provides a wide range of security print solutions through specialized security design software. We print MICR cheques, Personalised Bank Cheque books, Demand Drafts, Certificates, FDR Receipts, Cheques with vouchers, OMR Sheets, Insurance Policies, etc.

Usually, our clients choose a combination of several features to provide the desired level of security required for applications that range from Personalised Bank Cheques, Demand Drafts, Certificates, FDR Receipts, etc., in keeping with the standards specified by the Indian Banks Association (IBA).

We also undertake the activity of large volume cheque writing, based on data like name, amount etc., provided by the customer.  These cheques are electronically pre-signed and require very high level of accuracy, care and security.

OMR Sheets

We provide OMR (Optical Marking Recognition) sheets to make examination results processing a fast, easy and accurate procedure. Our OMR answer sheets are used in applications by educational institutions across the country to meet the needs of competitive exams.  Our range includes:

  • OMR answer sheet with serial numbering or bar code or litho code
  • OMR Application Form
  • OMR Registration Form
  • OMR Admit Card
  • OMR Survey/Data Collection Form

The OMR sheets can be single ply or two ply carbonless.

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