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Software Development Related Services

Software Development Related Services


Database Management

As part of our services to our clients, we have developed expertise in Database Management and are able to handle and extrapolate large amounts of data to perform various functions:

  • Merge and purge of files
  • Database cleansing
  • De-duplication.
  • Mail sort
  • File manipulation for printing
  • Remote database management
  • Database processing
  • Reverse data engineering
  • Management Information System
  • PDF Generation of Bank Statement (with encryption)

Our data processing is geared to give the fastest and most flexible approach to the tasks at hand. We can take your data in virtually any format to provide the normal mail sort and print formatting as well as highly sophisticated de-duping, salutating, post coding, and font handling – a broad range of solutions that can be customized to meet your needs, increase productivity and meet deadlines.

Mailing and Tracking Services

We provide turnkey solutions on most of the jobs we undertake. This not only means printing the products but also mailing them out to the database provided. The company has comprehensive facilities for providing customized envelopes and their Stuffing, Sealing, Franking, Mailing and Dispatch.
We have also developed our own Tracking Software that allows us to offer you sophisticated tracking programs that follow your consignment through various steps until it reaches the consignee. The key here is accuracy and consistency and our system is built around good standard operating procedures that are implemented well, audited regularly and managed by trained and experienced staff.

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